How can you help to make change?

A place of light providing a safe and faith filled environment for recovery from addiction

How can you help to make change?

March 14, 2019 Fundraising News 0

The running of the facility depends on your support to change lives. Please help us make the difference by donating one or more of these following items urgently required at the NC4H:  

For outside

Lawn mower,
Wheel barrow weed trimmer,
4 forks,
4 spades,
2 shears.

For Residents:
Gas stove: Industrial
Fridge: Large/Industrial
Deep Freezer: Large/Industrial
Stainless steel tables for preparation of food
Medical Aid Box
Washing Machine: Industrial
Clothing Line
Table Tennis, nets, and bats
Dining table with at least 12 chairs
Shelving for store rooms
Television: Large Flat Screen

For House Parents:
Double Bed,
Curtaining, Carpets,
Lounge suite,
Dining room tables and chairs,
Television: Flat Screen

For Cleaning:
10 brooms, 10 mops, 10 buckets, eco-bins, 50 cleaning cloths, 15 dust bins, 50 coat hangers, 20L washing liquid, 20L handy Andy, 20L bleach, 50 dish cloths, 50 bath soaps, 30 scorers, 4 ironing boards, 10 scrubbing brushers, 8 door mats, 12 bath mats, 20 soap dishes.