Site Update on Ekukhanyeni

A place of light providing a safe and faith filled environment for recovery from addiction

Site Update on Ekukhanyeni

December 22, 2018 News 0

In October 2016, work started on the Napier Centre 4 Healing site named Ekukhanyeni, ‘The Place of Light’, located in the lush green hills of Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal. Here is an update on our progress:

A team of six workers armed with tools, skills and an aspirational vision started work on the accommodation building first. Later they moved on to the ablutions, kitchen and house parents’ cottage. They identified the areas that needed work, started stripping away the damage and restoring the buildings into a space that we’ll soon be able to call home. 

All of the buildings had to be stripped of old paint and repainted. The windows had to be renovated and replaced. New rooms with drywall partitions had to be fabricated and installed. The roofs had to be repaired, waterproofed, repainted, and new sheets fitted where the existing sheets could not be repaired. Let’s just say, getting the site ready has been a journey paved with sweat! But we are starting to reap the rewards and Ekhukanyeni is beginning to shine… 

Recently, a large new storage cupboard was fitted in the accommodation building for the storage of linen and other items. The ablutions’ plumbing was replaced and the showers were tiled. New gas geysers were fitted to the ablutions and kitchen, so as to not rely solely on electricity.

The team completed the repairs and renovations in December 2017 and the buildings are now ready for occupation. Preparations are currently in process for a new boundary fence and gates. We will also need to erect internal fencing and gates demarcating boundaries for the Parish and NC4H. The kitchen area requires some repairs on the floor and the ceiling area in the store rooms. The bedroom curtains need to be hung and the
bedrooms need to be prepared.

Urgent Items Required:

  • Gas Stove
  • Stainless Steel Tables for preparation of food
  • Dining Table with at least 12 Chairs
  • Shelving for store rooms

If you are in a position to assist with these items in any way, you can reach out to the NC4H Site Manager, DC Carl Emmanuel, at